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Support System/ Training

Here's some information about our support for childbirth, childcare,
long-term care, various working styles and leaves, and related training.

Childbirth and Childcare

Childbirth-related Benefits

Childbirth Leave
Six weeks or less before childbirth (14 weeks for multiple pregnancies) and eight weeks or less after delivery.
Paternal leave for childbirth by his spouse
Three days leave including the date of birth.
Money Gift for Childbirth
The company provides congratulatory money of ¥30,000.
Childbirth and Childcare Lump-Sum/Additional Payment
If female employees or employees' dependent family members give birth, the Dentsu Health Insurance Society provides a lump-sum childbirth and childcare allowance.

Childcare-related Benefits

Childcare Leave
All employees can use this system until the day before the child turns one year old. Female employees can take childcare leave at the termination of the postnatal leave.
Dad & Mom
Childcare Leave Plus
Both parents can take childcare leave until their child turns one year and two months old. (Each can take a maximum of one year, postnatal leave included)
Extension of Childcare Leave
You can extend childcare leave until the day before your child turns two years old when you have a compelling reason such as no nursery school is available.
Extension of Childcare Allowance
If no nursery school (excluding unlicensed) is available by the day before the child turns one year old, the payment of benefits will be extended.
Work Style Support after returning
to your job
After coming back to work, you can opt for full-time work or the following four work styles (until your child enters elementary school).
  • ・Restriction on overtime
  • ・Exemption from overtime
  • ・Restriction on late-night work
  • ・Shorter working hours (regular or childcare flextime)
Child Nursing Leave
Up to 5 days per year for one child,
and two or more,
up to 10 days (unpaid) per year.
Babysitter service
Discount for babysitter is available.

Support for Flexible Work Styles

Flextime system: seven hours a day between 5am and 10pm
(some positions require core time).
Remote Work
(Share office/ Work from home)
All employees can opt to work remotely to make effective use of time and achieve high productivity.


Annual Paid Leave
Granted based on the lengths of service.
Annual Leave Reserve System
Of the annual paid leave, the number of days that cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year can be used as a reserve leave within the following range, up to 60 days.
[Available for]: Personal disease and injury, family care
[Family care leave available for]: Spouse, parents, children, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, spouse's parents
Long Service Leave
Predetermined days of leave are granted for every five year of your service.
Refreshment Leave
Granted two days per fiscal year.
Marriage Leave
Up to seven days from the wedding date or the date of the marriage registry.

Benefits to Support Your Life

Welfare of Dentsu Health Insurance
Insured persons and their dependents of the Dentsu Insurance Association can use services including recreational and accommodation facilities, as well as a gym.
Benefit One
It's a membership discount service for all aspects of life,
such as leisure, gourmet, and shopping.
Defined Contribution
Pension Plan
The defined contribution pension plan is set by Dentsu Digital.
Dentsu Group Employee
Stockholding Association
You can use the Dentsu Group Employee Stockholding Association.
New Medical Insurance
A new group-type medical insurance that covers hospitalization and/or surgery cost is available, and the company bears the total cost.
Health Consultation Desk
You can consult about work, family and/or your own personal problems.
Housing Benefits
Housing-related benefits including discounts on brokerage fees
for a rental property.
Club activities
Support for club activities within the company.
Remote Work Allowance
Allowance for expenses required for the remote work environment.

Support for family

Marriage Leave
The company provides congratulatory money.
Group long-term disability (GLTD) insurance (voluntary enrollment)
Whatever the reason, if you become sick or injured and cannot work, this insurance covers a part of your income up to your 60th birthday.
Nursing Care Leave
5 days off for one care recipient and 10 days (unpaid) leave for two or more care recipients.

Trainings and Education

Training and Knowledge Sharing
for All Employees

Full Remote Training
and Follow-up support
Online-based workshop-style training and seminars with invited lecturers are frequently held. Moreover, we have mentorship for new employees to help them better understand the company and to build a network with other employees, in addition to follow-up interviews and annual training sessions.
1on1 Skill Improvement Training
1on1 meetings between a manager and an employee are held to ensure employees can work in good condition. Through training and learning videos, we inform both managers and employees about the importance of 1on1. We have qualified coaching personnel who can provide individually 1on1 skill improvement support.
Management Trainings
" Guideline for Managerial Position " has been developed to solve the problems of work and human resources management in remote work. For newly appointed managers, training sessions are held to understand their roles, acquire knowledge and achieve results.
Knowledge database creation,
Solution-specific sharing meetings
To share knowledge across the company, we have:
- Knowledge 4, a digital advertising information-sharing meeting
- DD ACADEMY Online, our e-learning platform
- Database of all of our proposal
- Search engine for all our projects

Training Program for New Grads