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Business of Dentsu Digital

We walk you through ALL THINGS DIGITAL of Dentsu Digital by business domain.

Digital Transformation

Business Transformation through
Digitalization Consulting

In the digital transformation domain, we provide consulting to digitally transform the business model of the clients.
Not only designing framework of businesses and services to improve people's lives, we also develop services, streamline organizations and human resources, and structure new projects.
Working with the client companies’ decision-makers continuously, we solve problems and create new value.

Data Technology

Data and technology-based
new customer experience

In the Data Technology domain, we support design, construction, and utilization of data and technology infrastructures to create new customer experiences for clients, such as fusion of e-commerce and real stores and personalized experiences.

We provide optimal solutions in collaboration with several firms including Salesforce, Adobe and Google. In addition to system building, we also provide consulting for business growth, including developing sales efficiency models through machine learning.


Total support from designing
e-commerce framework
to analysis and improvement

In the commerce domain, we create sales floors on our clients' own e-commerce sites and/or e-commerce malls like Amazon and Rakuten.
We offer integrated planning, strategy formulation, e-commerce site-building direction, production, analysis, and improvement for attracting customers. In addition, we have an advantage in creating a customer experience that utilizes the cutting-edge systems and technologies, creating an e-commerce system for overseas expansion, and linking e-commerce and advertising.


Creatives that combine
data and ideas

The Creative domain plans and produces all kinds of digital media creatives.
This domain consists of two departments: the Experience Department and the Advanced Creative Center. Experience Department is responsible for the creatives of the company's own media such as websites and social media. Meanwhile, the Advanced Creative Center is responsible for the creatives of various digital advertisements such as WebCMs, social media advertisements, and banner advertisements.
We combine ideas and data to provide unique value.

Media And Communication

Planning most suitable digital media
for clients

The Media And Communication domain is engaged in media planning and operation of search ads, display ads, social media ads, video and other digital advertising in general.
We optimize communication between clients and consumers via various media including Google, Yahoo!, LINE, Twitter, and Instagram, and utilize advanced advertising technology and unique data. We are also good at integrated ad planning among digital, mass and physical ads.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Planning a marketing strategy
across all domain

Integrated Digital Marketing domain is engaged in formulating marketing strategies that leverage the expertise of all Dentsu Digital divisions.
We support our clients' business growth by clarifying issues and proposing specific strategies through repeated market research and behavioral data analysis.
We are also into new fields, such as developing new sales promotion plans, collaborating with media as well as hosting webinars.


Global solution in collaboration
with Dentsu International

In collaboration with Dentsu International's Merkle and Isobar, we provide overseas marketing/digital transformation support for Japanese global companies, in addition to digital marketing support for foreign companies in Japan. With English speaking multicultural talents, we form a global business team to carry out the project.

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