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Dentsu Digital's Work Environment
ー Dentsu Digital's New Lifestyle

Here's some information about the work environment,
such as working hours, labor management, business infrastructure.

Dentsu Digital's work style theme

“Performance Based Working”

Performance-Based Working is the theme of our working style.
Maximizing organizational performance is our way of working. We are always aware of what should be done, when, by whom and where.


We offer a wide range of work locations to maximize organizational performance.


“Real empowers us.”
Based on the concept, our office has been updated recently. Face to face here, you can stimulate senses, express passion, find people chatting and smiling, also feel new wind and energy. We hope you create a new value through the experience here.

Shared Office

We have contracted five different types of shared offices, and 99% of our employees have access to one of the shared offices * within 25 minutes from their home. * 831 locations as of April 1, 2022

Work from home

We believe that work from home is also a necessary option to achieve high productivity, and all employees are allowed to work from home.
We have established Work-from-home Guidelines so that each employee can use this system accordingly.

Remote Work Allowance

We provide allowances for managing and maintaining the remote work environment.

Working hours/Labor management

We aim for Healthy Management, strengthening legal compliance in attendance and labor management. We are also developing work styles and an environment that ensures the right to take leave.

We have seven hours a day flextime system between 5am and 10pm (core time setting for some positions).
Thorough Management of Working Hours
Late-night work from 10pm to 5am is prohibited in principle even when working from home or remote work. We thoroughly manage working hours so that employees can take proper rest.
Promoting Paid Leave
We set up planned paid leave days once a month so that employees can take leave and make better output.
Consultation Desk Pulse survey
Comments and suggestions to management
Career consultation
Lack of communication or physical exercise in the time of pandemic may affect the mind and body. We conduct a pulse survey once a month for all employees to check the condition to get alerts earlier. Comments and suggestions to the management are always welcome, and career counselling is conducted whenever needed.

Workplace Infrastructure

We have built a safe and comfortable in-house workplace infrastructure to improve work efficiency.

Online meetings using Zoom and Microsoft Teams
Web conferencing systems such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams enable us to participate in the same meeting from multiple locations.
Cyber Security Measures
Security measures against unauthorized access is in place, e.g., tools for safe use of cloud services that are indispensable for business and tools for visualizing PC logs by employees.
Online Storage
For Collaborative Editing
You can manage files and collaborate online regardless of where you are and what device you use.


Pursuing power to envision the future ahead of change and create a better world.

Setting "Inspire people, create new value, and improve how the world works" as our purpose, Dentsu Digital continues to challenge to realize a sustainable society through our daily business activities as a member of society in line with the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct.