New Graduate Recruitment Site

for FY2023


Message from the President

Grow together at the forefront of digital business and create the future

Representative Director, President and CEO Soichi Kawakami

Who do you want to be in this world?

You are about to graduate and take a step forward as a working professional. Who do you want to be in this world, and what type of work do you want to do? When you choose your company to work, you might want to think about it seriously and research various companies you are interested in. To collect right information for yourself without being influenced by misinformation or rumors is the key to choose your right career path. Then, consider the information on your own, and listen to your inner voice to make a right decision. That is the first important step to grow into a working professional.

Contribute to society by utilizing
the latest technology
and data

Dentsu Digital is a comprehensive marketing company with a focus on digital. “Marketing” seems to be an elusive word, and it is not an academic definition. From my experience for over 20 years in this business, I can say it is about activating every company and making people's lives enjoyable and prosperous. Therefore, we can brighten the whole society and create the future. To this end, in Dentsu Digital, we use the latest technology and data, and work on the front lines of business to envision and contribute to the future of companies, consumers and society. If you are interested in this kind of job, you are welcome to join Dentsu Digital and make full use of your talents.

In addition, many in Dentsu Digital strive for self-improvement. So, you can learn a lot from the day you join this company and improve yourself by working with your senior employees. We cooperate closely with many partner companies including Google, Yahoo!, LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Rakuten, Salesforce and Adobe, to cultivate cutting-edge digital knowledge together. You can be at the forefront of digital business.

Then, Dentsu Digital's work does not stay within the border. Technology is evolving and expanding all over the world and the speed is much faster than you expect. In July 2021, Dentsu Digital merged with Dentsu Isobar to work seamlessly with 5,500 Isobar employees in 45 countries worldwide. Working with a diverse group of people worldwide will significantly expand your abilities and possibilities.

For further information on specific work contents, please refer to our websites or ask our employees at the alumni visit. I really look forward to working with you.